Workshop Capabilities

Murray's Iron Works offers the most diverse in-house capabilities of any workshop in the World. By maintaining complete control of production, Murray's quality standards and delivery dates are met. TAKE A TOUR OF THE WORKSHOP

Here are some in-house capabilities that allow Murray's to create exquisite but complex pieces:

  • Traditional forging using a hammer and anvil - techniques passed through an apprentice program started by Murray Leisner, founder - Murray's forges iron, aluminum, bronze and stainless steel.
  • Artistic details include hand forged and chiseled leaves, beautifully executed scrolls, hand forged birds, and textured finishes.
  • By using the highest quality welding (MIG & TIG) equipment to join iron, aluminum, bronze or stainless steel combined with the expertise of highly skilled welders, Murray's creates clean, seamless joints of the highest caliber available today
  • Lost Wax Casting of Bronze utilizing traditional jewelry making techniques.
  • Sand Casting of Bronze, Aluminum and Iron.
Wood Carving
  • Hand carving of Wood for various components and as originals for casting.
Water Jet
  • Uses abrasives (Red Garnet from Australia) to cut patterns from metal plates.
  • Used to create blanks for forging leaves, letters and numbers for signage.
Machine Shop
  • Equipment used to shape metal.
  • Lathes used to turn metal to create balls, spindles and fasteners.
  • Vertical mills used to create beveled edges, tapered legs, and metal moldings.
Glass Slumping
  • Kilns used to bend/slump glass into metal molds.
  • Department creates curved glass panels, vases and bowls.
Electrical Department
  • Wiring per Underwriters Laboratory Procedures for Incandescent, Wet Location and Portable Light fixtures.
  • Custom Candlesleeves in wax, resin or plastic to match the design, size and technical requirements specific to each light fixture. For example, since Murray's can create fixtures that are very large, we also create candlesleeves in proportion to the fixture. Another example of in-house capabilities to meet the highest quality standards.
  • Rock, Natural Crystal Points, and Lead Crystal.
  • Various components such as colored glass, natural quartz, Capiz shells and precious stones.
  • Handmade and Hand-painted mosaic stone tops made from one solid stone with colors per clients' selection. The same designs are also available on glass.
  • Hand-painted interior and exterior multilayer durable finishes.
  • Antiquing of Bronze (Patina application), Brass and Iron.
  • Gold, Silver and other metallic leaf application.
  • CAD and Hand drawn shop drawings.
Quality Control
  • Inspections during production, prior to finishing, and before items ship based on the highest quality standards.